Burns Latn Tek – Paso Doble



The Burns Latn Tek is a system that is designed to improve, inspire and create dancers from raw beginners to Champions.  Not only is there every basic figure one can think of charted in full color, there are in depth descriptions in a formula which is completely cutting edge.  Incredible attention to detail has been devoted to the history of the dances/ figures, and for the first time the original names of some of the figures are given in Cuban and Brazilian. The pioneering inclusion of body speeds are charted in every step of every figure as well! The layout, the format, the charts and the use of vivid colors enhance the most user friendly format ever known in a technical platform of learning to dance. No more boredom! No more predictable, difficult to understand terminology! Deliberately designed to accommodate the flexibility of five individual books, one for each dance, this system can be tailor-made to fit your learning speed and individual needs. Choose one dance or three dances or any combination of the five, according to your learning skills and time available and go all the way from beginner to qualified teacher in the best way chosen by you! The success of this platform and system which has been proven throughout the decades and now adopted as the primary technique in over 70 countries of the world is at your disposal. This is the system that has trained the most famous and successful champion dancers of all time and now you the reader have a lifetime of the most expertise dance knowledge at your fingertips!  Technique is the bricks on which the dancers’ house it built, this is true, however it is integral to have the RIGHT technique and the Burns Latn Tek will give you just that.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in